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"The eyes give vision, yet only through the soul can we really see and enjoy the wonders of creation - if we look long and close enough we will see GOD our Creator"

Welcome to AFRICAN MOSAIC - a site where the real Africa is revealed with photographs of the natural landscape, the wonderful vegetation and great diversity of plants, flowers, insects, animals and birds of Africa which cannot but leave us in awe. Also, the resourcefulness, tenacity and pride of Africans through the ages show a people who grew out of, with and through this great continent.

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Guestbook for AFRICAN MOSAIC - Photography by Joggie van Staden
14.Gary Lovell-Shippey(non-registered)
Hi Joggie! I just took the opportunity to look at your photos on your website, and I have to say ... STUNNING!

You have managed to capture so much of the world around you, in particular, Sub-Saharan Africa, and in such magnificent detail, colour and context. Absolutely brilliant, boet! Congratulations!

Everything of the best to you and yours, and keep it up! Your passion inspires people like me!

Awesome fotos wat n talent, so n vooreg om die skepping deur die kamera te kan vasvag
Amazing surfing pics.

Talent and passion, becomes something extraordinary to watch.

God has entrusted you with a key task in life.
Your talents unveil your destiny

God gave you uniqueness, a talent, a skill, one that is yours alone to use in honoring him. This talent can help you live your purpose . Live in your gifting , you wont just exist in God’s creation, you will thrive in God’s plan for your life.

When you do the most what you do the best, you put a smile on God’s face. What could be better than that?
Your purpose. You know you do something in a manner that no one else can. God looked at your entire life, determined your purpose, and gave you the tools to do the job.

Inspire, motivate, encourage.

regards Andre Roux
11.Dawid Roos(non-registered)
Hi Joggie, ek dink jou fotos is bitterlik mooi.
Dawid Roos (Eskom George)
10.Eddie Reinecke(non-registered)
Joggie, you have a huge variety of stunning images. Congratulations!